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2012 Fit Club

It is that time of year again to think about all of the fun summer activities upon us as we look forward to the coming summer holidays.  It is also almost that time of year for grade two, three and four students to be part of the CCS Fit Club.  Fit Club is an after school program designed for our older students which will run Tuesdays during the month of June from 3:30 pm- 4:15 pm weather permitting.  Each week we will have a specific activity planned, and students can sign up for one day or all four depending on your family’s schedule. Fit Club is free of charge and is completely optional for your child.  This year’s dates and activities are as follows:

Tuesday, June 5th “Bike Day”
For our bike day fit club this year, we will be taking a bike ride through the bike trails around Innisfail.  Students must be able to provide their own bike, and must be wearing a helmet.  Students will also be expected to be able to follow the bike safety rules learned during our previous year’s project times.

Tuesday, June 12th “Soccer Day”
Soccer day will be a fun cooperative soccer game on our new playground surface!  This will be a structured soccer game with soccer nets, pinnies and referees. Please make sure to bring a water bottle and good running shoes.

Tuesday, June 19th “Running Day”
Running day fit club will consist of a brief walk down to Tire Park, followed by a short warm-up on the playing field.  We will then set off on our run along the bike path trails in and around Innisfail, and will end our run back at Chinook Center School.  Please make sure to bring good running shoes and a water bottle.


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